Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome Back! 잘왔어!

Well, hello there.... Long time no see.   As usual my life has taken some odd turns.  In the last year and a half, I have gone through a bad relationship turned good breakup... I left the school and spent  six months looking for a new job AND I moved in with my parents.  I also, lost a loved one and sent my brother off to get married.  2016 was a year of ups and downs and unfortunately during the heartbreak and joy, I didn't have time for learning Korean, or even for watching dramas.
But, NOW it's a new year...and new years are a time to refresh and jump start into things you have been missing or planning.

Cute moment. Taemin and Minho Shinee.... how does he do that its like hes not touching the ground

So I thought, maybe it was time to get back into the Korean language...back into watching things I love and back into writing/blogging.

I look back on what this blog was... and what I wanted it to be, and I see that I may have not made all my goals, but I enjoyed the process and a grew as a person, in the learning.  Let's face it, you knew and I knew that I was never going to learn a language in one summer... But I also knew it was more fun trying than not.  That I would know more after the summer than I did before and that shooting for the stars is worth the flight risk.

So what now? That summer is over... I "wasted time" and didn't keep up my studies and now I remember very little of this language that I still love.  Maybe it's time to start another adventure... And maybe you would like to come along with me again?


There won't be any rules or expectations this time, and I may not remember to blog about it...but if there is one thing I have learned from this past is that you need to live right here and right now...and stop waiting for the perfect moment to come, because maybe this is the perfect moment and you are missing it by waiting for something better.  Don't wait so long for your life to start that you miss out on the living of it.

So here we go... One little baby step out into something that I want... To speak Korean better today than I did yesterday. Maybe, for now, that is enough.

CNBLUE why are they soo attractive

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