Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Adventure in "Korea."

I recently went to Korea... Oklahoma.  

So, basicly...  I was watching a Ftisland video with my nephew (who is 7), and I meantioned that I really like Lee Jae Jin, for his beautiful voice and because he is so pretty.


This conversation went back and forth and grew, resulting in a very grossed out 7 year old boy and crazy Aunt saying "Fine, I will go to Korea and find him and if he is not married... I will marry him."
Now this was a joke, but since I was going to stay with a friend over night... I thought that it would be fun to make some photoshop pictures and have a little adventure "in Korea."  Something  to show him and his siblings, to let them know I was thinking about them while I was gone.    I even made up a Kdrama-ish story to go with my pictures.  I thought that it would be fun to share those pictures and my little story with you guys.   So enjoy!!

Since we had been watching You are Beautiful together, I promised my niece and nephews to bring back pictures of the cast... My first meet up was with Yong Hwa:

He was nice, but not really interested in me.

But he did introduce me to Lee Hong Ki, (Jeremy):

Who brought me to lunch with the other cast members.  Unfortunately, when Hong Ki took the picture he caught me when I was mid-sentence.

Hong Ki then introduced me to his band mate, none other than Lee Jae Jin...

But Jae Jin liked my friend more than me... :(  (It's okay, because I would later realize that is a picture of Hong Ki, NOT Jae Jin... Sshhh  don't tell the kids... Or anyone that will take my fangirl card away.)

But it was okay that it didn't workout for me and Jae Jin, (Or rather Hong Ki)...  My mission wasn't over yet, my 7 year old nephew had asked for a picture of his favorite member of EXO, Baek Hyun:

Baek Hyun was really nice, but he insisted on putting his arm around me... which made my feel nervous.  

When I was hanging out with Baek Hyun, another memeber of EXO showed up... And I think Chan Yeol was taken with me:

Really taken:

Really, really taken:
We went on one date, but aren't official because I had to go to America... But in 1 to 5 years, I am sure I will see him again and everything will be perfect then.

The really funny thing about this story is my nephew was really confused by the end and had to ask a few times if I had really been to Korea... Or was I just kidding.  :)   That made my day.

Oh!  And I did find Pig Rabbit's ancestor:

(Pig Rabbit is a stuffed animal from You are Beautiful, and a favorite with the kids and me.)

So, there you have it, my summer in Korean ended with a wonderful "trip" to Korea... Maybe one day I will have one for real... then, my fake Korean boyfriend and I can finally be together.

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