Monday, June 8, 2015

The Journey Begins...

I am going on a journey this summer...a crazy idea of my own making. I plan to learn the language of Korean in one summer.  I will have no teacher, no classes and no idea what I am doing...  But I must go on this adventure or die trying.

Would you like to come along for the ride?  Hear my funny anecdotes?  And my horrible butchering of a beautiful language and culture... Listen to comical commentary on how this all got started...and the pitfalls along the way?  Sure?  Why not?  

So here are the ground rules:
I have the summer to learn a language that is thousands of years old and completely foreign to me, (up until March of this year, when I watched my first KDrama, but more on that later),

I can't take any formal classes and must only learn from online resources or by watching more KDramas or listening to KPop... But if I am fortunate enough to find a tutor...that will be allowed.

I  HAVE set daily goals, lessons and actually try to learn the language.

I have to blog or Vlog about it at least once a week.

I have to learn more about South Korea and their culture.

I have to start using Korean in my day to day life, as practice and  to watch the responses of those around me.

I must go to an event or location that is for Korean speaking people. (like the local Korean Baptist church.)

I must find someone to have at least one conversation in Korean before the summer is over.

That is pretty much it... I hope you enjoy watching this process... I hope I can actually learn something along the way... and I hope I don't make to big of a fool of myself...

And to the people of  Korea, your language and culture, thousands of years in the making... I am truly sorry.

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